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For over the last 60 years, Ward’s has offered repair services for all makes and models. We believe that your heating & cooling system should always operate as if it were fresh from the factory. Our repair service is designed to quickly diagnose and repair broken or under performing systems so you are back up & running at peak efficiency.

Service Tech Graphic wo orangeHow We Can Help: 

  • We will dispatch a skilled service technician who is knowledgeable to work on all makes and models
  • Our technicians drive fully stocked vehicles to perform most repairs same day
  • Our friendly service department will work with you to schedule a convenient appointment

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What could be wrong with my heating/cooling system? 

A common lifespan for equipment is fifteen to twenty years. Just like any machine, this can vary from system to system based on manufacturer, use, and maintenance. If you have a system fifteen years or older and it is in need of major repairs, consider investing in a new system instead of paying for costly repairs. A new system will be more energy efficient and will come with a ten year equipment parts warranty giving you peace of mind. We know that a new system can be a large unexpected expense so we work with you to find the best solution whether that be repairing the unit at the least cost to you or assisting you in applying for HERO financing. Click here to learn about our Free In-Home Estimates

Any air flow restriction will cause the system to operate inefficiently. If the restriction is not corrected, the system is overworked and damage may result.

Restricted air flow may be caused by any of the following:

  • Plugged Air Filter (Most Common)
  • Dirty or obstructed outside condenser coil
  • Obstructed air vents
  • Dirty or obstructed evaporator coil
  • Failed/closed dampers in duct work
  • Collapsed duct work

Before scheduling an appointment, we recommend that you check the three blue checked items as you may be able to address these yourself.

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As with most machines, failure may occur even with normal operation and routine maintenance.  Standard wear and tear parts are typically available for immediate replacement as generic parts are stocked on each service vehicle. The most common failures include a/c electrical components and heating ignition components. Our service technician will identify your specific issue at the time of his diagnostic service appointment.

Our maintenance service and experience has proven that heating and cooling equipment operates better when it is routinely cared for. A small issue can quickly result in a larger more costly issue if not addressed in a timely manner. Plugged air filters, dirty coils, low refrigerant levels, failing electrical components, and dirty ignition components can all cause the system to operate inefficiently and harder than the manufacturer intended. Even with one of these issues, you may have air flow into your home causing you to believe your system is operating normally until a larger failure occurs.

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