Quietcool Whole House Fans

Have you ever come home to find it stuffy & outdoors cooler than indoors?

Quietcool whole house fan

Fresh air being drawn through the windows & the existing indoor air being pulled into the attic to be vented outside.

A whole house fan will remove that stuffy air and bring in the fresh cool outside air. It is ran on minimal energy making it the perfect alternative to air conditioning during the morning and evening hours when the outside air temperature is cooler than the inside air. Whole house fans use less energy than a central a/c system. Being completely separate from the central air system, the fan is mounted in the attic and installed in 1-2 hours. No longer do they sound like giant propellers in your home, today’s house fans are virtually silent. With several options to choose from, we can help find the best choice for you. Whether you are looking for the highest degree of energy efficiency or moving a specific amount of air per minute, we can help.

How it works: The fan brings in the fresh outside air through open windows while the stuffy inside air is pulled into the attic and expelled through the attic vents. This creates a natural breeze through the spaces with open windows while being virtually silent. Simply open the windows in the spaces you wish to cool, turn on the fan from the wireless controller, and enjoy the fresh air breezing through your home.