Preventative Maintenance

Much like a car, your heating & cooling system needs routine maintenance to run at peak efficiency. Your car’s performance, longevity & MPG is affected by how well it is maintained. A car with proper maintenance will last longer, save money on repair costs & save money on fuel every time it is driven. The same is true for your heating & cooling system. Your system has a motor, a compressor, refrigerant levels, & electrical components. Maintaining your system will continually provide you with the most comfort in your home while saving you money on repair and energy costs.

Being a small business, we have come to know our customers by name. Hundreds of Ward’s customers throughout the years have trusted us to keep their heating and cooling systems operating at peak efficiency. Our customers who have our bi-annual maintenance service performed know that they can depend on our skilled technicians to provide them all the benefits of this service.

Our technicians have our customers comfort in mind and will provide quality service with every visit. They will make recommendations and provide options that are customized to meet specific needs and comfort. With 60 years of experience, we know that our customers depend on us to provide them with the best in today’s comfort. This service offers just that.

Benefits of a Maintenance Performed By Ward’s:

  • Courtesy call from our friendly office staff reminding you to schedule an appointment
  • Early failure detection allowing preventative repairs to be made at time of service avoiding additional visit cost
  • Peace of mind that your heating/cooling is ready for the winter/summer
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Longer lasting equipment


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