Installation: Free Estimates

D&N Equipment Blank labels websiteOver the last 60 years, Ward’s has focused on maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. We value the opportunity to offer FREE in-home estimates on new or replacement equipment. During the visit, our experienced estimators meet with you to discuss the best options for your home and comfort.

Whether your home is in need of updated equipment or your home is ready to have central a/c & heat installed for the first time, our team will provide a customized quote to suite your needs. All of our installations come with part and labor warranties to bring you peace of mind. Our affordable maintenance plans ensure your new system will last for years to come.


  • The Knowledge and Insight of an Equipment & Installation Specialist
  • The Assurance of Accurate and Sufficient Equipment
  • Customized and Competitive Pricing
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Financing Options


Benefits of New Equipment: 

Energy Effiecient Sun Burst Website


  • New regulations require standard equipment be manufactured at a much higher efficiency rating than was required ten years ago
  • Also available, high efficiency options for even more energy and money savings



  • New equipment comes with EPA approved refrigerant which is safe for the environment
  • Most equipment five years and older uses R-22 refrigerant which the EPA is in the process of terminating production


  • All new equipment comes with a 10 years parts warranty from the manufacturer
  • Ward’s provides competitive labor warranties to see you through your first year


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